22/07/15 Observational Character Study

At July’s Write Young Things meeting we decided to make the most of the summer and have a picnic. That morning our host had asked us all to look at the passers-by and to choose one of them. During our picnic, after discussing the admin about our upcoming soft launch party and magazine (more details tbc), we indulged in a little writing exercise.

As we all tried to remember the person we had chosen, we had 5 minutes to write a little piece about our them, answering the following questions:

-Why are they there?

-Where are they going?

-What did they have for lunch?

We were all thrilled with the finished products of the quick exercise so we decided that it’d only be fair to share them with the rest of the world!  You can read them HERE or on the Passerby tab under the workshop menu.

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