03/07/16 Hyde Park: Gender and Sexuality

Recreating last year’s summer picnic workshop, we took Write Young Things back to the beautiful and tranquil Holocaust Memorial Gardens in Hyde Park.

We read a play about gender and sexuality that has no defined characters so each line is free to be interpreted by the director / actors. Using it as inspiration we worked together to create our own script focussed on the themes in the play.

Here is our final piece:

Gender & Sexuality

– Swipe left, swipe right pretty eyes, cropped hair

– How can she leave the house looking like that?

– There’s no denying that a woman is much softer

– I’m very sad to be leaving but whoever the next director of this department will be, I’m sure he’ll do a good job, or she

– I don’t like beer, I don’t like football, I don’t like mud or dirt – does that make me more of a woman or jut a failed man?

– Dresses make me feel free

– No caps, no tatts, no posing with sedated tigers, no gym selfies, no dick pics, definitely no dick pics

– As if every venture outside is to catch a man

– Exit the station, slide a key between each finger of my left hand like Wolverine claws

– You cry like a girl

– Man up

– Is ownership more straightforward when it’s man over woman?

– I’m all for equality of the sexes but I want you to take control. I just want a man who makes decisions, tells me what to do a bit. I can reject it, whatever you say, but you’ve got to have something to say – don’t be a pussy

– Don’t tell me what to do

– Prevent that pederastic rubbish in order to promote procreation

– I have a daughter, I love and fear for her

– Well I really want to go on this graduate scheme but it’s got this two-week training course in Leeds and I don’t have anyone to look after them

– You’re just naturally better at washing up and that kind of thing

– UK Law 1991: a wife’s right to say no

– Empress

– I like your dress

– Do men ever stare at me and envy my long hair?

– Hair removal and femininity – such a painful and futile endeavor

– Confession, expiation, flagellation

– At the altar, bread and wine, makes it fine

– Cunt–cunt-twat-pussy

– It doesn’t take balls to fill a pram

– I tend to do romantic things with my girlfriends, go for nice dinners, watch the sunset, go on nice holidays and to museums and galleries and with my boyfriend we talk about the mortgage and who will do the washing up

– The boys’ races are fun to watch

– Better off all round letting them be

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