26/07/17 Places and their people

This month’s QuickLit was inspired by the writing of James Lees-Milne.

Lees-Milne worked for the National Trust in the first half of the 20th Century, persuading stately home owners who were struggling to keep up the costs of their houses to leave them to the Trust. He kept diaries, in which he wrote about the buildings and the people who lived in them.

We read an extract:

Lunched in the cold, cold hall and walked round the house where Colonel Lutley’s belongings are left lying about since the day he died. Something poignant in a house which has suddenly ceased to exist with the last owner. Life arrested in old tobacco jars with the lids off, smelly old pipes, books turned faced downwards on tables, the well-worn favourite chair with deep imprint of the late ‘behind’ and threadbare arms, and the mournful, reproachful gaze of dozens of forgotten ancestors on the walls.

We then spent 7 minutes writing about places – and the people who have inhabited them.

Read our pieces here.

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