30/05/15 Hyde Park: Free-Writing and Redrafting

On a sort-of-sunny Saturday we Write Young Things took to the beautiful and tranquil Holocaust Memorial Gardens in Hyde Park with a picnic and, of course, a pen and paper.

After initial introductions, chatting, and lots of laughter as well as delicious food (including a very lavish cheeseboard) we turned to the main focus of the day: writing.

Victoria, one of our members, presided over the workshop and had put together an interesting and exciting agenda.

We began with a 15-minute free-writing exercise on the agreed topic of Migrant.  Victoria set her timer ticking and we all wrote whatever came into our heads.  It felt a bit like being back at school, all silently putting pen to paper.

After this, we split into small groups, and for another 15 minutes read our pieces to one another and discussed how we could improve on our rapidly-written pieces.

After a further 15 minutes of redrafting, we all had a piece to read to the group, and a piece to upload.  You can read our pieces HERE or on the Migrant tab under the workshops menu.

After this, we discussed general business and social media, as well as the exciting prospect of having a launch party this autumn, as well as releasing a journal or zine…  more news to follow.




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