Tea for Two?

Meringues and strawberries had never been enough for him. It was cake he dreamt of: dark and rich chocolate with molten middles; blondies oozing with raspberries and an enticing sheen of peanut butter; freshly baked tarts filled to the brim with sumptuous jams – bright orange apricot and luscious cherry pink. He’d want ten of each so he could savour each bite, never fearing the end, the awful moment:
“Would you like the last one? Go on, do?”
The inevitable regret.

It had been just the two of them for almost a decade. Now just the one, but he could never bring himself to acknowledge that in his sacred place – the kitchen. Day after day, he would count down the seconds until he could rush back to his sanctuary. As he regained his sanity in his fetching pinny, striped red and white, he contemplated passion and serenity – side by side. Equilibrium. Delicious!

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