Veil, inc.

It was called the Veil. Part of the next-gen app takeover, post-Apple, when things got personal.

Tech didn’t stop at the hardware. It didn’t stop at the glass. Tendrils of the intangible emanated beyond what you thought you were controlling on the other side of the screen and formed a funny sheath around you.

The Veil could plug a gap. It could boost an attribute. It could recolour your hair or tint your first impression. It could control any given thing about you, anything you wanted. It was the ultimate barrier between you and anybody else who’d been chipped – so, anybody.

But it could open so many doors. It was a woven matrix, an embellishment, an armour, an augmentation. The Veil was the reality. The only one that counted. If you were able to lifted it, you’d see no blushing bride. What was behind the Veil threatened your credibility. Your truth was the one you’d invented. The Veil was forever.

The obvious dark side of the Veil – at least the dark side that was obvious from the off – was that the Watchman could see right through it. Watchman was a corporation – named just before the #No2Gender movement won its battle – and its job was surveillance. But we’re not just talking pixellated streetside CCTV. It saw everything, stripped back, like an airport X-ray.

Photo credit: tribp

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