I hear wedding veils

OK! Right, let’s go team. Pitch-it.

Megan’s mega-meltdown – is the big day getting too much?

Yas, brilliant.

Love it.



So, the woman who lives next door to the daughter of a cleaner at Kensington Palace said it’s particularly messy these days.

Uh, huh. I get you. I get you. So…meltdown?

Megan is a Leo on the cusp of Virgo. Virgo is a notoriously clean star sign. The fact she’s getting messy is a sign that it’s all too much.

Great, loving it. Loving it. I see it now. Megan’s mega-mess-meltdown. Will she pack it in before the big day? Sarah-Jane investigates. I’ve got chills. Next. Next. Who’s next?

Megan’s mum flies in for the big day

Okkkkkk. But where’s the drama?

Choka-drama-rama. Which airline? How much luggage? Two hold bags isn’t really going to cut it. I mean, her daughter is about to be a princess. Any less than 4 hold bags spells trouble.

I’m with you, keep going.

I mean is she flying alone or with a friend? First class or economy? Is Megger’s mum above us all or down to earth?

I’m following. I see the tweet. I can visualise. But I need MORE.

We’ll get a body language expert! Are her arms crossed angrily? Is she touching her hair nervously? I heard she bites her nails…

Ohhh, go for it. Write it up. BIG NEWS. But I need something else. This is a ROYAL wedding. We need wall-to-wall coverage until the big day.

Meghan Markle: will she, won’t she? The wedding veil.

Do you know if she will or won’t?

There’s inklings and rumblings.

What are your sources? Do we have any friends or family giving us an insight?

We can look at Kate’s veil and Diana’s veil and get some speculation going.

Veils are good but I’m just not there yet.

Well, a royal expert has exclusively told Shannon at ‘Take a Break’ (who told me over a confidential cocktail of course, tee hee hee) that they, the expert, has never come across anything that dictates what a royal bride should wear on her wedding day and they believe it’s more tradition than anything else that a bride – royal or not – wear a veil…

BRILLIANT. Everyone loves an insider tip. I think we’ve got it loves. Go out there and get the goss. Keep up the good work.

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