We know that honesty is important. That constant communication is important. That kindness is important. But knowing it, saying it, and doing it are not the same thing. And each seems to be exponentially more difficult than the previous.

When we feel as though we are not being considered enough it is somehow rationalized that we have to make up the difference and consider others less, but that pattern is the death of compassion and doesn’t serve anyone’s interests at all. We have a right to feel slighted, but slighting others does nothing to alleviate the feeling.

A tarot card reader once told me that my aura was yellow and this meant that I was a human magnet. A mosquito trap for the people around me, except I was the one likely to get zapped because golden auras don’t differentiate between biting mosquitoes and gently fluttering moths. But it isn’t my responsibility to be any less golden. And I don’t want to be. It just means I have to be cautious that ominous wisps of periwinkle floating into me don’t turn everything a murky green.


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